Do I dare unTiVo Castle?

Kate Beckett on Castle

I’m sorry, but Castle is becoming crappy.  I think that word is appropriate – crappy.  The past two episodes are almost unwatchable.  I am talking about the one where the documentary crew was following Castle and company around the entire episode when the band member got killed.  I am still in the middle of the

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It’s Elementary, My Lovely Watson

Watson from Elementary

I love Sherlock Holmes.  I’ve seen most if not all of the old movies, plus the new movies with one of my favorite actors, Robert Downey, Jr.  Then PBS started broadcasting a TV series called Sherlock, which is a British rendition with Benedict Cumberbatch.  Great show, and he is a wonderful Sherlock.  They are redoing

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The Mentalist vs. Castle


I used to only watch The Mentalist TV show when both this show and Castle started appearing on my television set.  I gave Castle the normal five minutes of my attention when any new show that even slightly appeals to me starts.  I didn’t like Castle.  I thought it was annoying.  I loved The Mentalist. 

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Grey’s Anatomy, Second Fall 2012 Episode

Meredith and Christina

This episode cleared up a lot of the questions from the first one of the season.  I think it was good, actually better than the first one.  It was somewhat confusing as the action started in one time frame and popped into another, sometimes before, sometimes after.  You had to really concentrate as you were

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Grey’s Anatomy Opinion on First Show

Meredith Grey

I saw THE SHOW.  Why the caps?  We wait for all of these shows that we like for what seems like an eternity to return from the dead and wake up, like a ghost getting her life back.  They aren’t showing the plane scenes again until next week.  Did they think they had to ease

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Long Island Medium – again

Victoria Caputo, daughter of Long Island Medium

Alright, so kill me.  I’m still watching her.  I don’t know what the pull of this show is, I’ve been trying to figure it out.  Last night I was watching the episode where her daughter gets into a car accident, actually two in one week.  Theresa (the medium and star of the show) freaks out

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My Cat From Hell

Jackson Galaxy

If you have cats you must watch this show, it is great.  It is more or less a reality show, and the main character (besides the cats) is Jackson Galaxy.  I say character because that is what he is.  Crazy earrings, long beard and wild tattoos adorn his body.  Supposedly he plays in a band

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Long Island Medium

One Saturday, I was leisurely eating my lunch in front of the TV as usual, turning channels to try and something interesting to watch.  I found something on TLC with a woman named Theresa Caputo and her family in another reality show called Long Island Medium.  I am a person always interested in the paranormal, ufo’s (ok

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